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I reside in:
                     New York, NY

I think one of the most beautifully- awakening facts about Architecture & Architects- is that everyone loves what they're doing so much that the atmosphere around them seems alluring-inviting & has a sense of either a heavenly calm, or a high-class pursuit to suttle success.  Their job is not just a 'job', but a hiring into a family- their family- their team- that friendship- that long term bond.  Although there are clearly bosses no one appears to be in constant authority of you to the extent where you feel inferior- everyone is of equal importance and has something new to bring to the table.  And because of that facinating nature most professional Architects possess, I too would like to be as part of the family and in advance share part of me with you (my audience/ hiring firm).  In order to give a fuller sense of myself as an individual I've attached a site below - my site- where some of my interests, hobbies & pursued passions outside of my occupation lies.


                                          Enjoy the freedom to Create !